Why We Have a Problem With Mass Media

Why We Have a Problem With Mass Media

The Mass Media has a problem with us.

In fact, we’ve already known this for some time, and I think it’s time to face it head on.

I believe that our culture is very susceptible to the mass media manipulation that the mass-media has used to influence us.

I think the media has a very real and serious problem with the idea of mass media being able to influence and manipulate us and that is the reason we have such a problem.

The Mass-Media is a very powerful and influential force in our lives and the media does a very good job of pushing us in the right direction.

So we’ve been very well indoctrinated and taught to believe what the media tells us to believe.

It’s been very effective and it works well, because people don’t question the media and the mass press are a powerful force.

I’m not saying that the media is perfect, because it’s not.

But I’m saying that there are certain things that we do know for certain that are very dangerous.

Let me tell you why.

First, there are the media outlets that are controlled by the very same people who control the media itself.

There are a lot of people in the media that are not people that you would want to associate with a particular person, and that’s a fact.

The problem is that the people who are in charge of the mass, the mass market, the mainstream media outlets are not the people that people would trust.

They are a very narrow band of people that have the power and are the very, very wealthy and powerful and wealthy.

They have a very, strong sense of their own self-worth.

They will do anything to secure their self-esteem and their self image, and their own power and control of the media.

The fact that we have a media that is dominated by the powerful and that uses a certain set of values that they find acceptable, they are not going to change or even question these values.

They see themselves as being above all of us, and they will do whatever it takes to preserve their self interest and their power.

I’ll give you a couple of examples: One of the very few major outlets that I know of that is really independent, that is not owned by the media, is the CBC.

The CBC is owned by a company called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and that company is very powerful.

They control a large portion of the Canadian media market and they have enormous influence over the mass of Canadians, and there are a number of people who will say that this company is the most powerful media outlet in the country.

I would suggest to you that they are the most influential media outlet on the planet, in terms of their influence and power.

But there are other outlets that don’t belong to the CBC that are actually very, really influential, and those are the mainstream outlets.

The most influential outlets are those that are owned by corporations, by companies that have been given billions of dollars by the United States government and by other governments, by corporations who are owned and run by the same people that are the major players in the mass industry.

These are the institutions that control the mass.

They’re very powerful institutions, and the fact that the mainstream journalists don’t believe in their own powers is a real problem.

And that is also a problem because we have been conditioned to believe that those institutions have the ability to do what they want to do, that they’re above us and we should do what we want, and we have no reason to question that.

But they have failed us in two ways.

They’ve failed to challenge the powerful institutions that they have created, and second, they have done a very bad job of communicating the message that the institutions have been telling us to us.

So, the media works very well because it uses a set of beliefs, it uses an ideology that’s very, quite narrow, that we think are the right beliefs, and it uses certain values to manipulate us, but it also has a clear set of rules that we don’t understand.

We don’t know how these values work, but we do believe that these institutions have power, and so they can control what we see and what we hear, and these institutions are very, particularly when it comes to mass media.

So when you look at mass media in general, what you are seeing is that we are watching the mass manipulation of the mainstream, of the powerful mass media outlets.

I mean, look at the way that the US mainstream media has been manipulating America and what they have been doing.

I can’t think of another country that is completely controlled by its media, and you don’t see this in any other country.

The mass media is very,very powerful, but they are also very, especially when it is coming to their own people, and this is not the case with any other major media.

I will give you one example.

When the US government was planning


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