‘Mystery man’ is the real-life counterpart of Narendra Modi’s ‘Hindu king’

‘Mystery man’ is the real-life counterpart of Narendra Modi’s ‘Hindu king’

The real-world equivalent of the Prime Minister is not a Hindu king, but a man named Pranab Mukherjee.

He was a former senior journalist who had been working for the government-owned TV channel, The Times of India, and whose job was to report on Modi.

The BJP’s nominee to the post, Mukherji is one of the main contenders to succeed Modi in the next election.

The two candidates are closely tied in the state.

Mukherjis wife, Shreya Kumar, is the wife of former Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Mukerji has also been in the news for a few years, as a man who took part in a Hindu ritual killing of a man by an unknown gunman in 2011.

He and his wife have two children.

Mukhers family is very close to the Congress party and Mukher ji has a close relationship with the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

Mukesh Kumar, the wife and daughter of the former Prime Minister, also worked for the TV channel.

Mukash Kumar, a former minister of the state, is also a senior journalist at the Times of Israel.

Mukayeva was a prominent television news anchor and the wife to a prominent journalist who worked for another television channel.

A close confidant of Modi, Mukayev has a very large following among the youth in the BJP.

Mukayerjee was a senior reporter at The Times, and Mukeshjis sister, Shashi, has also worked in the media.

The Congress candidate for the seat, Mukeshvira Jhajpur, has a large following of students.

The party’s candidate for Vice President, Sushil Kumar Modi, has received endorsements from students.

His daughter, Gaurav Kumar, was a journalist for The Times before she joined the BJP and later took up the post of the national media correspondent.

Mukharshan Rao, the BJP’s candidate to the Lok Sabha polls, is a journalist and a student.

The candidate for Congress vice-president, Uma Bharti, is one person with the same name.

The name of a BJP MP in Gujarat is also known.

In 2014, he had become the youngest MLA in Gujarat.

He is a former deputy chief minister and is currently a member of the Congress.

The former BJP MLA from Khagragarh, Manjesh Gupta, is in the running for the position.

He has also received endorsements for his candidacy from students and academics.

The Gujarat government has also started a campaign on the issue of fake news and misinformation.

There has been a large number of instances of false or misleading stories being spread on social media, mostly on the BJP Facebook page, as well as on the Twitter handle of BJP MP, Anil Kumar Bose.

He made headlines in 2016 when he was suspended by the party for three days for tweeting fake news.

The allegations against Bose, however, have been completely debunked by the BJP, which claimed that he was simply responding to his colleagues.

According to reports, the issue is also not limited to the Facebook page of BJP.

The social media platforms have also been targeted by false or defamatory posts.

There have been many cases of posts of people, who are known to be against the BJP or its leaders, who have been accused of being pro-Pakistan and/or supporting terrorism.

The issue of online content has also raised issues over privacy, and the social media companies have been criticised for not providing any safeguards to ensure that their content does not harm or influence people.

The government’s anti-fake-news campaign has also targeted websites and social media accounts which spread false or inaccurate stories, as reported by The Indian Express.


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