A look at the Illuminati, mass media and the internet

A look at the Illuminati, mass media and the internet

The Illuminati are a global conspiracy of global power, controlling all of humanity.

The media are controlled by an elite of global media elite and the entire internet by an Internet oligarchy.

The Illuminati control the news, the media, and the web.

They control the mass media.

The internet is their playground.

The world is controlled by the Illuminati and their secret society of globalists.

The elite of the Illuminati are all in the same club, the Illuminati.

They are in the club, all are part of it.

Their ultimate goal is to control all the world.

This is their plan.

The truth is not their enemy.

They have been working for many years to control the truth and destroy the human race.

Now they have achieved their goal and now they are in control of the world, not the other way around.

The Illuminati are the elite of a global elite of powerful people.

They work for their master, the global elite.

They don’t work for humanity.

They live off of human sacrifice and the profits of human suffering.

The rest of us are expendable.

They know we are expendible.

The goal is always to control our own lives.

This control is the Illuminati’s aim.

They will never stop working to control and control the human species.

We can only stop them when the rest of humanity is also controlled by a globalist elite.

The secret society that controls the mass and media media is the United States of America.

The U.S. is the largest military and intelligence complex on the planet.

It controls almost all the military and national security agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency.

This global intelligence organization is run by the United Nations and the Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberger Group is a global network of the elite elite of world government.

They plan to merge all of the nations of the globe into one global super-state and use it to enslave humanity.

The Bilderbergers plan for global control began in the 1970s with the United Kingdom, which joined the United International Movement, or UIM.

The United States joined the UIM in 1973.

The CFR, a global government, has been involved with UIM since its inception.

The international elite’s goal is global domination.

It is their primary goal in the entire world.

The agenda of the U.N. and Bilderger group is to create a world government, or global dictatorship, ruled by globalists who have global control of governments and the mass press.

The plan is to take over the governments of the United nations, and to have that government rule the world and control all of mankind.

The U.G.A. is a secret society created in 1953 to serve as the global headquarters of the globalists and their international secret society.

The globalists are the international elite of worldwide power.

The worldwide elite’s objective is world domination and they are using a global secret society to achieve their goal.

They created the UG.

S., or the United Great Power, to take control of world power and use the U G.A., or U. G. A., to rule the rest.

This international secret societies elite control the media.

The media is controlled and controlled by globalist oligarchs.

They use media, entertainment, and mass media to control people.

The mass media are the mass elite’s puppets.

They sell the mass entertainment to people who pay for it.

The majority of people don’t care about entertainment.

They want entertainment.

The masses want to know the truth.

They watch the news and the movies, but they are also influenced by the mass Internet.

They get information on what they can do to achieve global control.

The people are deceived by the media and mass Internet, and by the elite media.

People are misled by the propaganda and propaganda, which is controlled from inside the UIG.

The elites have a global power structure.

They own the media world, the mass-media, and most of the other media.

They also control the Internet.

The Internet is controlled through an oligarchy of globalist power elite.

The oligarchs own the mass of people.

This oligarchy controls the media as well as the mass mass media as it is owned by the globalist control of media and propaganda.

They run the world through the media to maintain control over the masses.

The mass media is also owned by global elites.

The Elite owns the mass, the entertainment, the television, the movies and the other mass media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books.

The network of elite media is made up of the top globalists, the top mass media executives, and globalist insiders.

The globalists own the world’s newspapers and television stations, including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, CNNMoney, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Post, CNN.com, CNN World, the CNN.org, the


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